We have a proud history of leading progress as the world’s first providers of synthesized Vitamin C. Developed by Bayer, we bring over 8 decades of innovation and a commitment to science, , advancement and wellbeing that has seen us reach – and support – people all over the globe.

Our entire reason for being, from day one, has been to push and push and push the possibilities. The spirit of scientific discovery drives everything we do.

And don’t worry, we plan on sticking around. We’re in it for the long haul – helping you give your immune system all the care it needs, nurturing your superpower, inner resilience, making it easy for you to live with passion, compassion, stamina and a smile.

We know that everyone is different, but each immune system needs to be at its best to fight viruses, bacteria, pollution and any other everyday stressors. We’ll guide you through our portfolio to the supplements that provide the next level of immunity support for you and your loved ones.

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Build your immunity

Looking for ways to strengthen your immunity? Check out helpful articles on supporting the immune system and learn how to build your resilience with Redoxon!

Smiling girl in pajamas plays with a pillow

What is immunity?

Learn more about immunity. What is the immune system? What are the types of immunity and how does your immune system work?

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Food for strong immunity

Find out what types of food to include in your diet to strengthen your immune system!

An older man skates with a child while holding hands

How your immune health changes over time?

Learn how your immune system works at different times in your life and what you can do to boost its defensive power.

Mother exercising yoga with her daughter

Lifestyle factors and immune health

Learn how to reduce the negative impact of lifestyle factors on your immune system. Drop bad habits, learn prevention and become healthier!

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Discover 8 modern-day factors that affect your immune system

Learn how to support your immune system and reduce the negative impact of modern lifestyle on your health

A woman wearing a mask coughs into her bent arm

Avoiding infections

Avoid infections with the use of simple habits. Learn how to change your life to boost your immune system. Stay healthy and disease-free!

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Exercising for immunity

Learn why physical activity is so important for a strong immune system and get exercise tips from Redoxon!

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Vitamins and minerals for healthy immune system

Learn about vitamins and minerals essential for your body’s healthy immune response.

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Redoxon Double Action

Redoxon® Double Action

Advanced immunity vitamins
Vitamin C + Zinc

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Redoxon Triple Action

Redoxon® Triple Action

with vitamin C, D and Zn

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