The definition of immunity

Simply put, immunity is your body’s ability to resist toxins, infections and other harmful substances or microorganisms with the use of sensitized white blood cells or specific antibodies. Think of it as a protection system – this is how your body defends itself. If it wasn’t for the immune system, various bacteria, viruses and even fungi could attack or infect your body at will. Thanks to immunity, that’s not the case.

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Different types of immunity

There are 4 types of immunity – 3 natural and an additional one:

  • Innate immunity – the one we are born with. This is our innate immune system. It varies in strength; some people are born with a strong immune system, while some are born with a weak immune system.
  • Adaptive immunity – also called “acquired immunity”. The adaptive immune system protects us based on its past “experience”. This is why, after being infected with something and getting better, we are no longer (at least for some time) susceptible to the same infection.
  • Passive immunity – temporary immunity, also called “borrowed immunity”. This is an immunity which we gain from another person, i.e. a child borrowing temporary immunity from the mother through her breast milk.
  • Immunizations – we can be made immune to something – typically through the administration of a vaccine.

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The purpose and functions of the immune system

The main function of the immune system is to protect you from harmful microorganisms that may cause infections.  However, it doesn’t stop at prevention – if you do get sick, it is your immune system that is your body’s first line of defence. It will fight the infection and act to minimize the damage done to your body. A healthy immune system will be able to fight off most infections. A weakened immune system means your illness can last longer, and symptoms may be more severe.

How to booster your immune system

The purpose and functions of the immune system

A healthy lifestyle is the best immune booster. It’s always a good idea to ensure you look after your immune system on a daily basis. Below you will find a few tips on how to keep your immune system healthy and strong through everyday activities1. Remember that if you think your immunity might be weakened, you should always consult your doctor.

Two laughing girls hug their grandmother
  • Eat a balanced diet, including lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. A healthy diet will provide essential vitamins and minerals your immune system needs to function properly.
  • If you are not sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals in your diet, consider adding a supplement like Redoxon that can help strengthen your immune system2.
  • Get regular exercise3. This will help reduce stress, which negatively affects immunity, and improve blood circulation, allowing white blood cells to reach any cells affected by disease.
  • Take steps to reduce stress. If you find you are under persistent stress, you can try meditation techniques or yoga. 
  • Get quality sleep. Rest allows your body to regenerate and helps your immune system to work adequately. 
  • Maintain a healthy weight. People who are overweight have weakened immune function, which can make them more at risk of catching illnesses.4 
  • Get proactive to avoid infection. Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly, avoid sharing personal items if sharing space with an infected person and make sure any meat you eat is properly cooked.
  • Don’t smoke. Smoking tobacco is harmful to your immune system and can make it less effective at fighting diseases. 
  • Limit alcohol consumption. Alcohol can damage your immune response.
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