Age and the functions of the immune system

Your immune system is your body’s natural defence. It helps your body to fight and get rid of malignant substances such as bacteria, viruses, cancer cells or foreign tissues. The power of your immune system is represented by its ability to produce cells specialized in marking, surrounding and destroying potential threats. But it’s important to know that the functioning of your immune system changes over time. When a baby is born, its immune system is immature. It then develops and learns to fight off pathogens into adulthood, and declines with old age1. Read on to find out how your immunity changes over time.


In adolescence your body undergoes constant changes caused by hormones. We all know that hormones are responsible for our development from children into adults, but hormones also affect the immune system and can make teenagers more at risk of certain autoimmune diseases. Accelerated bone and tissue growth in adolescents also means they may need more vitamins and minerals to support healthy development

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In maturity your body’s natural defences are fully developed, but stress and lifestyle can begin to affect your immunity. That’s why it’s important to form good habits, making immune support a part of your daily life. Healthy diet, regular exercise, quality sleep and relaxation are all natural immune boosters3. You can also continue to take a vitamin and mineral supplement as part of your healthy lifestyle.

In older age your immune system might not work as well as before4. This is a complex process, but among its key effects is the reduction in the numbers of immune cells produced by your body. This means slower healing from injuries and slower reaction to infections that can make you more susceptible to illness. This is when a healthy lifestyle becomes more important than ever: healthy diet with lots of vitamins and minerals and regular exercise will help you enjoy your health for longer!

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