Personal hygiene

Maintaining personal hygiene is the most critical factor in avoiding disease and infection. That’s why it’s so important to make a habit of washing your hands whenever possible, especially while at work or after using public transportation. Touching doorknobs, rails, shaking hands - all of these situations are risky enough on their own, but if you don’t wash your hands to minimize the risk of infection, you’re inviting trouble. It’s also good to remember that avoiding infections and maintaining proper health care is all about the little things. Such as cutting your nails! You wouldn’t believe how much of the nasty stuff can hide behind your nails if they are left unkempt. Don’t let something so trivial endanger your immune system, and trim your nails whenever it is needed.

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Food hygiene

You know how it goes – hundreds of people in the shop every day, just walking, checking out and touching the products you later buy. Gross? Yeah, as long as you remember to handle it right once you return home from the shop. As food can carry germs, you need to wash your hands and cooking surfaces after preparing it. Wash all produce when you return home, especially fruits and vegetables. Keep in mind to cook meat at the right temperatures, and don’t leave your food out in the sun – refrigerating is a must! If you decide to eat at restaurants or buy takeout, avoid places that don’t seem hygienic and choose trusted establishments only.

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Vaccines prevent infections

By the end of our childhood, most of us have been vaccinated for a variety of diseases. What is important, though, is that additional vaccination is possible past the standard ones. Flu vaccines, for example, are optional but keep in mind that they need to be taken regularly1 as viruses change and evolve. Check your history of vaccination to learn which of them had you already taken, and which vaccines to consider now!

Taking up these 5 simple habits ensures that you will be much less prone to catching infections and will save your immune system from a lot of stress!

Build your immunity

Looking for ways to strengthen your immunity? Check out helpful articles on supporting the immune system and learn how to build your resilience with Redoxon!

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Vitamins and minerals for healthy immune system

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