1. Take it easy

As it was proven by scientists, constant stress can lead to a weakened immune system1.1. Many people often underestimate emotions and feelings as something that has a true impact on our wellbeing. The fact remains, however, that along with nutrition and sleep, psychological stress is a key factor linked with the state of your immune system2.
And there are times in our life when we feel ill after an intense emotional experience or a prolonged, taxing project. That’s because stress makes us more susceptible to catching infections.

2. Take up exercising

You know how it goes – a sound mind in a sound body. It is a well-established fact that regular physical activity strongly affects your immunity and helps you avoid infections3. If you are already an active person, exercising even more won’t do much for your immunity. But if you aren’t very active, start working out, jogging or even walking several times a week. Every form of exercise adds up and makes for a stronger immune system.. So, if you want your body to be better at fighting and resisting infections – work it!

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3. Take medication only as prescribed by your doctor

Let’s start off by saying that there is medication which boosts and bolsters your immune system, and we will cover it in our next tip.
Certain medications, such as antibiotics, can significantly weaken our immune system. Unfortunately, in certain circumstances, they are impossible to avoid. Because of their impact on our bodies, antibiotics should only be taken as prescribed by your doctor. The key is to stick to the treatment dosage and duration.

4. Eat a healthy diet

We’ve mentioned your diet already, but it deserves a separate point. Nutrition strongly affects your body’s immune response2, so make a habit of eating healthy, unprocessed and fresh food, and make fruits and vegetables a part of your daily meals. Be aware that balancing your alcohol and sugar consumption is also vital to positively influence your immune system. Eating or drinking too much sugar can compromise your immune system, while a high alcohol consumption level will make it even more challenging for your immune system to fend off various infections. Remember that nutrition gives your body the energy and micronutrients it needs to fight infections and viruses. Why not take up cooking while at it?

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5. Supplement with vitamins and minerals

A very important point. Stress, physical hardships, your work – all of this can be truly exhausting to your body and put your immune system under strain. That is when it may need a little bit of outside help in the form of essential vitamins and minerals. The best way to ensure a sufficient intake is by eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. But if you think you might not be getting enough micronutrients, consider taking a supplement like Redoxon that helps strengthen your immunity with vitamins and minerals.

6. Stay positive

Think positive, and your immune system will be positive about eliminating threats. Sounds silly? It is not! Boosting your immune system is more intuitive than it appears. We all know that positive people can achieve more. It is the same with good habits you develop to strengthen your immune system. Positive thinking can be a positive change for other areas of your life, too - time to change your mindset!

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